‘Come to Holland’

This is my article in Bahasa Indonesia on Jurnal Kajian Wilayah.

‘Come to Holland’: Promosi Pariwisata Belanda bagi Hindia-Belanda dan Indonesia

Relation between Indonesia and The Netherlands, particularly in the tourism sector has been established long time ago. The relation has been built since Indonesia still part of Dutch colony until now. Relation in the tourism sector had disconnected between the beginning of Second World War until the 1950s. This article tries to trace the relation and the contemporary situation of the tourism sector in Netherland. The discussion focuses on the Netherlands as a tourism destination for the Dutch East Indies’ verlofgangers (those who furlough) and for Indonesian tourists. The question is how Netherlands promote their country as tourist destination and the reason why they promote their country to Dutch East Indies and Indonesian tourists. The data sources for this article are from Dutch’s newspapers and magazines during the colonial period, archives of tourism agencies in the Netherlands as well as Dutch contemporary newspapers.

Keywords: The Netherlands, Indonesia, Dutch East Indies, tourism, promotion

For the full text article, please see: http://jkw.psdr.lipi.go.id/index.php/jkw/article/viewFile/759/pdf

Cover of the book Come to Holland, source: https://www.arranalexander.co.uk