Dari Turisme ke Pariwisata: Melacak Jejak Istilah Turisme di Indonesia

Salah satu artikel yang dimuat dalam Jurnal Melancong. Jurnal Perjalanan Wisata, Destinasi, dan Hospitalitas, Vol.1, 1, Maret 2018.

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As one of the human activities for their leisure time, tourism is often considered as unimportant activities. According to Thorsten Veblen who examined the behavior of the upper classes, leisure activities owned by the upper classes is the non-productive use of time. This article discusses the origin of words related to tourism activities in Indonesia. The words that are discussed such as Dutch words vreemdelingenverkeer, toeristenverkeer, toerisme, toerist(en). By using newspapers from the Netherlands Indies period and Indonesian newspapers today and also the newspapers from the Netherlands in the 19th century, this article analyzes which words have a shift in the meaning. The official documents issued by the government of the Netherlands Indies and the Republic Indonesia are also used in this article. The result is there are the words that have a shift in the meaning because they related to using of the words and its original meaning in the Netherlands.

Kata kunci: istilah turisme; pariwisata Indonesia; toeristenverkeer; vreemdelingenverkeer