The Spice Route Narrative for Tourism in Eastern Indonesia

Preparing for the international conference on June 2021, I will present this paper.


This article discusses the spice route narrative for tourism in Eastern Indonesia. The aim is to explore the role of the spice route narrative from the past that can be used for tourism in Eastern Indonesia. The Eastern Indonesia region has been promoted by the Indonesian government as a tourist destination. There are many opportunities of the spice route for Indonesian tourism, especially in Eastern Indonesia. Eastern Indonesia was one of the important routes in the maritime spice route and later also was introduced as a tourism destination in the colonial period. At that time there was not only trade between nations but also a process of mixing cultures whose traces can be seen today. This article uses historical methods and uses travelogues, tourist guidebooks, newspapers, periodicals as primary sources. The result shows that the Spice Route narrative can be used for tourism in Eastern Indonesia, especially as special interest tourism.
However, it should not only look for the economic value, which is looking for profit but also to see the local cultural values that can become the strength of the Indonesian nation, as well as how to make the people in the region interpret the spice route narrative for their history.

Keywords: culture; eastern Indonesia; maritime tourism; spice route

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